Explorers Week

Malin Tech Weeks: Explore the Deep Wrecks

Join us for an extraordinary exploration of some of the world’s deepest wrecks during our Malin Tech Weeks. This exclusive opportunity is tailored for experienced Deep Wreck divers seeking unparalleled underwater adventures.

Featured Wrecks:

  • HMS Audacious (Depth: 64m)
  • HMS Viknor (Depth: 86m)
  • SS Flavia (Depth: 105m)
  • RMS Amazon (Depth: 115m)
  • Orisa (Depth: 115m)
  • HMS Curacoa (Depth: 125m)
  • HMS Transylvania (Depth: 130m)

Key Details

*We’re gathering interest first. To express your interest and book your spot, please email us at info@mevaghdiving.com.

Please note: Due to the technical nature and depth of these dives, we require proof of qualifications to ensure the safety and readiness of participants.

Email us to inquire and secure your spot today!