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Malin Head Classic Trip

Embark on a Classic Tech Diving Adventure at Malin Head

Join us at Mevagh Diving for an unforgettable technical diving week as we explore the timeless classics of Malin Head. Dive into the depths ranging from 40m to 70m and discover renowned wrecks such as Laurentic, U89, HMS Audacious, Empire Heritage, Justicia, and U2511.

Key Details

*Accommodation deposits will be gathered in Nov/Dec 2024. Excluded in price is gear rental/Sofnolime & Gas

Experience Comfort and Safety Aboard MV LauraDean

Our expedition will take place aboard MV LauraDean, a purpose-built catamaran designed to tackle the challenging conditions of Malin Head with ease. At Mevagh Diving, safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we have established guidelines to ensure your trip is both secure and enjoyable.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Return to the shot for deco: All divers must return to the shot and complete decompression at the designated deco station.
  • Personalized tags: Each diver must have a personalized tag for the deco station for easy identification.
  • Mandatory strobes: Strobes are mandatory to attach to the shot for easy navigation and return.
  • Drop sets: We provide 2 drop sets in case of a bale-out situation.

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